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Welcome to my on-line resume. This resume is set up different from a traditional resume. Instead of dividing the resume into "Education," "Employment" and "Skills," I choose to emphasize the necessary skills of an Information Technology Lawyer.

If you would prefer a traditional resume, please click on the button located at the top - right of this page. There, you will find an HTML version of a traditional resume, as well as MSWord and Rich Text Format (RTF) versions that are available for download.

This resume is meant to supplement my traditional resume. Here, I can present more information about myself to a potential employer and exhibit my computer skills at the same time. So, choose a category. After you have reviewed my credentials, click on the "contact me" button to arrange an interview.

I thank you for taking time to visit my On-line Resume.

The John Marshall Law School,
Chicago, Illinois
Juris Doctor, Cum Laude (#8 in class)
Class Rank: Top 08% G.P.A. 3.5 / 4.0
LL.M. Information Technology (Candidate)
Completed 18 of 22 hours, G.P.A. @ 3.8 / 4.0

GPA chart click here

CALI Award:
For Scholastic Excellence in
Patent / Tradesecrets Law

CALI Award:
For Scholastic Excellence in
Agency / Partnership Law

CALI Award:
For Scholastic Excellence in
Income Taxation Law

CALI Award:
For Scholastic Excellence in
Legal Ethics

CALI Award:
For Scholastic Excellence in
Constitutional Law

Corpus Juris Secundum Award:
For Scholastic Excellence in
Property Law

NDR Information Services
Chicago, Illinois
1997 - Present
Web Designer / Developer
Design and develop Web-sites, including Web-based databases.

List of IT Law Classes Click Here

I have been working with computers since the first Apple PC was introduced. Immediatly, I took to writing code in Basic. Early on, I also wrote code in FORTRAN, using a main frame and inputting the program via punch-cards. Later, I experimented with C++.

Over the last several years I have learned HTML, PERL5, MSql and Javascript by designing and implementing pages and databases for the World Wide Web. Because I understand how programs are written, I have an ability to learn new software packages quickly. I also have experience with the major business software. Including: MS Office componants, Word Perfect, Lotus 1-2-3, and Quickbooks.

My background in technology means I speak and understand the concepts and jargon of "Techies." Therefore, on the first day of employment with your firm, I will be prepared to take on technical assignments without having to learn a new vocabulary. In addition, given a common vocabulary, I can interact with clients and assess their technical problems and legal options.

Loyola University of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
Bachelor of Business Administration, Jan. '92
Concentration: Finance
G.P.A. (final 42 semester hours) 3.964 / 4.0

Network Drayage & Rigging, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois
General Manager
1996 - Present
Total responsibility for office and financial management of a trade shows contractor.

I have been in the "business world" for more than fifteen years. My skills are diverse; I have supervised more than 100 employees, prepared bids, arranged financing, organized large-scale projects and managed the office activity of several companies.

Because I understand the goals and interests of business people and have worked at every rank, I communicate well with all levels of an organization.

I chose Information Technology Law as my speciality because business is such an integral part of the discipline.

Steven A. Leahy

Writing Samples:
Click below for a sample of a Trial Brief and Jury Instructions for a Trade Secret case.

Trial Brief
Jury Instructions

In addition, I have written a number of articles about Information Technology and the Internet.

You've Got Mail:
Electronic mail and litigation discovery (Spring. 2001)

Self-Regulation and The EU Privacy Directive:
Do Privacy Seals Offer "Adequate" Protection to EU Citizens Transferring Data to American Internet Companies?(Spring. 2000)

See also, Pivacy Policies that Restrict Transborder Data Flow - Canada (slide show)

Campaigning in Cyberspace:
Federal Election Laws and Internet Political Activity (Dec. 1999)

Patenting the Internet:
State Street Opens the Door to Internet-Based Business Method Patents (Dec. 1999)

The Obsolescence of the Securities Act of 1933:
Information Technology & Securities Regulation in America (June 1999)

Internet Direct Public Offerings:
The Internet is Helping Make Small Companies Successful (May 1999)

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